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The 2.5 HDDs can be up to a 15 mm height.
Thanks to the included power supply, the IB-122CL-U3
can even be used with HDDs that need 12 V in order to function.
The aluminium body does not only dissipate the heat and stand stable,
but is also optically appealing.
This device is using a USB 3.0 interface,
with it copying a huge amount of data is done in a breeze.
Once connected to a PC, the HDDs are recognized as individual drives (JBOD),
as if they are mounted inside the PFC.
A final highlight, is the ability to clone an HDD with just a click of a button
and without being connected to a PC.
Various LED indicators informs you constantly regarding power as well as cloning progress.
Aluminium enclosure for 2x 2.5 (6.35 cm) and 3.5 (8.9 cm) SATA HDDs and SSDs
USB 3.0 up to 5 Gbit/s – Backwards compatible to USB 2.0/1.1-EasySwap® – Toolless HDD exchange

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