CBP0020 Card Bus 2Port Parallel DB25 SUNIX


CBP0020CBP0020 Card Bus 2Port Parallel DB25 SUNIX

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Sunix’s CBP0020 parallel cardbus offers you two ports of Parallel port for all your connection needs.
The ports have a data transfer rate up to 2.7 MB/sec. The card is plug-n-play
and installation is a breeze with the included driver CD.
Compatible with 32 bit CardBus slot. Easy to Plug-n-Play installation
Simple and easy way to connect devices to your notebooks
Speed up to 2.7 MB/sec / Friendly Graphic User Interface
ECP(Enhance Capacity Port, EPP(Enhance Parallel Port),
BPP(Standard Parallel Port), SPP mode(Bi-direction Parallel Port)
Chipset: SUNIX1888, IRQ & I/O address: Assigned by BIOS
Connector: DB44Pin to DB9/25Pin, FIFO: 32byte hardware FIFO, Baud Rate: 2.7 MB/sec
OS Support: Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003 / Vista

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