IB-266stUSD-B 2.5 SATA-USB


IB-266stUSD-BIB-266stUSD-B 2.5 SATA-USB

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Aluminium HDD case with USB2.0 & eSATA
host interface for mobile data exchange and at the workstation
For 2,5“ SATA hard disk (up to 9,5mm high)
Tray with USB 2.0 (480Mb/s) & eSATA interface
Display (Tray) with status for power and activity
Dockingstation for fitting into a fdd bay, with SATA interface
(cable length ca. 550mm), power supply with pc
Dimension Dockingstation: 180x100x25
PnP & HotSwap
Chipsatz: Sunplus 215A
Accessoires: eSATA cable, USB2.0 cable, USB power cable, leatherette bag, driver CD (Win98 USB2.0 driver),
manual and screw bag

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